Chatham A’s Blessed With Angelic Singing From Local Teen

11July 2007


by Eric Adler 

CHATHAM — Of all of the Chatham A’s traditions, perhaps none is as sacred and as celebrated as the playing of “God Bless America” at the start of the seventh inning.

Chatham’s Brittany Langlois, seen here performing the National Anthem, has been asked by the Chatham A’s to make a CD recording of God Bless America. ERIC ADLER PHOTO.

    But team officials, tired of treating their fans to the same old recording game after game, year after year, decided to move away from the dulcet sound of Kate Smith in favor of a little local flavor. 

    Enter Brittany Langlois, a 15-year-old Chatham resident with an angelic voice and unique gift for putting her own spin on a song without ever straying too far from the established sound and rhythm of an original. 

    Langlois began singing the National Anthem at Veterans Field four years ago, and has continued to impress the A’s organization to the point where they recently asked her to cut a CD of “God Bless America” to use in the event she cannot attend a particular home game.

    “I was so shocked. I couldn’t believe they were interested in recording my voice,” said Langlois, a Chatham High School sophomore. “I felt so honored.”

    Singing acappella before the crowd at Veterans Field, which draws anywhere from 500 to 5,000 fans per home game, can be a daunting task. But Langlois, who downs a customary cup of tea before each performance, is unfazed – that is, once the words pour out. 

    “I’ve gotten used to singing, but each summer as I come back, my heart is racing and I can’t stop clearing my throat before I go out there,” said Langlois. “But once I’m out there and start singing, it feels great. I loving doing it. I just always make sure I know the next words of the song.”

    Singing for an audience is nothing new to Langlois, who also performs for the First Congregational Church choir and the St. Christopher’s faith and action youth group, which recently started a band. 

    “We sing Christian music because it’s with the church, but we don’t just sing hymns and we don’t just sing about God,” said Linglois. “We sing good meaning songs, [for instance] it’s a bad day but things are going to get better.” 

When it comes to performing for the A’s, Langlois has a relatively conventional delivery style. 

“There are times when some try to make a production and a number out of it when they sing, but Brittany does it very straight forward,” Chatham A’s public address announcer Dave Weidner said. “She hits her notes right on the numbers. It’s very impressive.” As one fan put it, “she doesn’t Dionne Warwick it up.”

“I try to sing the song pretty straight forward,” said Langlois. “I don’t try to get too fancy. Even if I think I sound awful, there’s always a group of people clapping and cheering for you. I love singing and I love making people happy.”

    Somewhere, Kate Smith is smiling. 

by Eric Adler
Eric Adler 


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