25 July 2007

Meet a Mariner: Chris Dominguez

Photo by Matt Rice
Meet a Mariner

By Matt Rice
GateHouse News Service

Harwich - 
Name: Chris Dominguez
Hometown: Miami, Florida
College: Louisville
Age: 20
Position: Outfielder
Stats: 6-5, 235 pounds

    After playing in the New England Collegiate Baseball League last summer, Chris Dominguez is getting a taste of the Cape Cod Baseball League this summer.

    Last summer, while playing for the Newport Gulls, Dominguez led the 12-team league with 11 homeruns in 42 games.
So far this summer, Dominguez has hit one homerun in 23 games played and is batting .205.

Q. How was that league (NECBL) similar to the Cape league?

A. Both leagues are filled with some of the best players Iíve ever seen but I think the Cape has a slight edge as far as pitching.

Q. How much did it help you this summer having played in a wooden bat league already?

A. It helped a lot. When all you play with is a metal bat throughout the year, having to adjust to a wooden bat takes a few games to get used to it, but playing with it last year definitely helped.

Q. How did you feel when you learned you had been selected to participate in the homerun derby on Saturday?

A. It was really an honor to be chosen. Iíve havenít done so well in other homerun derbies, but I think this time could be different because Iím be able to bring my own pitcher.

Q. Nervous at all about hitting in front of scouts?

A. No, not really. I donít think theyíll be paying as much attention to the derby as they will the game, but I donít even think about that stuff. I just try to go out and play baseball.

Q. Whatís your experience been like on the Cape so far this summer?

A. Itís been terrific. I got hooked up with a great host family and Iíve been having a lot of fun. The weather and beaches are a little different than they are in Miami, itís a lot calmer and more laid back here, but I really like it.