27 June 2007

Meet a Mariner- Cole Figueroa

Photo by Merrily Lunsford
meet a mariner...Cole Figueroa....Merrily 

By Staff reports
GateHouse News Service
Wed Jun 27, 2007, 07:51 AM EDT 

Harwich - Name: Cole Figueroa
Hometown: Tallahasse, Florida
College: Florida University (2010)
Age: 19
Position: Infielder
Stats: 5-10, 185 pounds

Harwich Mariner Cole Figueroa has hit-the-ground running and doesnít seem to want to stop. Batting near the top of the Mariners lineup, Figueroa is currently leading the team with a .385 average, good for sixth in the league. Heís also leading Harwich in walks (6), stolen bases (2) and is tied for second in the league in on-base percentage (.500).

Defensively, Figueroa has committed only one error in eight games at short stop for the Mariners.

Q. Youíve been here for two weeks now, whatís your first impression of Cape Cod?

A. The cold weather. Iím from Florida so Iím not used to the chilly temperatures here at night, but I really like the weather during the day, not too humid. Itís seems like a really great place, everyone is really nice.

Q. Youíve gotten off to a hot start, was there something specific youíve done in preparation?

A. Iíve played in wooden bat leagues before, although this is my first time in a collegiate level wooden bat league, but I try to go up there with a good approach and not get down on myself if I get behind on the count.

Q. Whatís it like having a fellow Gator (Ryan Lockwood) on the team with you?

A. He wasnít with us the first week but itís nice having a familiar face with you on the bench, but this team has done a good job meshing together.

Q. Harwich averages nearly 1,000 people per game, did you expect such a large fan base when you first got here?

A. Yeah, the fans have been great, definitely not surprising though. I heard even before I got here that the fans are usually very dedicated and really supportive. Hopefully theyíll keep coming out to show their support and we can turn some things around.

Q. Whatís been your favorite non-baseball thing to do on the cape so far this summer.

A. Probably just hanging out with the other guys on the team and going to the beach on the off days. Trying to meet new people.

Q. If you have a chance to return to the league next summer, will you?

A. Absolutely. Iíve had a great time here so far and the talent level Iíve seen so far in this league has been pretty impressive.