26 June 2008

Meet a Mariner: Brian Kemp

By Matt Rice


Mariners outfielder Brian Kemp has enjoyed every minute hes had on the Cape Cod so far this season.

By Matt Rice
Harwich Mariner Brian Kemp.

A native of Long Island, Kemp had a good idea of what he was in for when he got involved in the league.

I knew the pitching was going to be the best around, and thats exactly what its been so far, said Kemp, a sophomore at St. Johns.

So far for the Mariners, Kemp has played in the outfield for all seven Mariner games, batting .240 with six hits in 24 at-bats. He has a double, an RBI and a .424 on-base average.

Its the best league in the country and Im thrilled to be here, said Kemp.

As a senior in high school, Kemp was exposed to wooden bats in the catholic League of Long Island.

Last summer, he played in the New England College Baseball League, which also uses wood for their bats.

There are a few adjustments you have to make. But for the most part its about making better contact because the ball wont go as far and you wont get as many cheap base hits like you do with metal bats.

As for his life so far as a Mariner, Kemp said team has gelled very fast and team chemistry is one of the string suits of this years squad.

Once our personalities started coming out, we really started to click and have a great time together. Its a great group of guys; most of us are from a different part of the country so its great to get to know these guys.

Living with a host family has also been a positive experience for Kemp.

I have two host brothers that have really became like my real brothers. Its great to have a home-cooked meal every night and have someone to go to the beach with.

When not catching balls in the outfield at Whitehouse Field, relaxing at the beach is Kemps favorite non-baseball thing to do on Cape Cod.