22 June 2005

Cape League Interns:  Stephanie Falco, Jason S. Itzkowitz, Jenna Kubesch, Michael Kydd, Nicholas Mucci, Colin Reed

Y-D’s 2004 Success Drives Them for 2005

     Earlier this week, fans traveled from all over Cape Cod over to see the Boston Red Sox and Yarmouth-Dennis World Series trophies presented side-by-side at Red Wilson Field’s third base side stands. 

Red Sox Nation celebrates with two special
 Championship trophies.

Jenna Kubesch / Sportspix

     Before and during the Y-D/Falmouth game, anxious Sox fans waited to get their pictures taken with the trophies in a line that extended all the way from the field to the parking lot. This was the last stop the Boston Red Sox trophy would make in its journey around Massachusetts. 

     While the Boston Red Sox finally did it after almost a century, the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox ironically conquered the Cape League in 2004. Like Boston, Y-D is determined to take on the difficult challenge of defending their title. When asked of the Y-D Sox’s chances of making a repeat, Treasurer Bob Beauchemin responded, “Well, it’s not the easiest thing to do. You never really know on paper. It has to do with the cohesiveness, heart and spirit of the team. Talent isn’t everything in the Cape League. Hopefully, we can have the same type of leadership and spirit that helped us win the Championship last year.” 

     The determination to succeed shines throughout the entire Y-D staff let alone the players. “General Manager Jim Martin and Head Coach (Scott) Pickler work day in and out trying to improve the club. Pickler’s commitment can be seen everyday as he even maintains the field. He’s very appreciative of the opportunity to coach here,” says Y-D president Bob Mayo. The work ethic and great performance that is displayed on the field is a symbol of the passion and expertise that lies within the entire Sox management. It is this type of commitment that the Boston Red also possessed in their rise to success in 2004. 

Y-D Red Sox
 with the World Championship Trophy

Jenna Kubesch / Sportspix 

     Y-D also won the championship along the same lines Boston did. “Similar to Boston, we had great team chemistry. We had more talent in 2003, but like Boston, it took heart and great leadership to win it all in 2004,” says General Manager Jim Martin. Like Boston, Y-D players and staff had the luxury of parading around Cape Cod. President Mayo speaks of the joyous occasion saying, “It was truly a great feeling. I really know how the Boston players felt riding around after they won it. It was an honor.”

     As the Boston Red Sox victory promoted awareness of the Massachusetts community, the Y-D championship has inspired town pride within its citizens and has enhanced the predominance of Cape Cod baseball in general. For one, winning a championship as the “Red Sox” attracts many Bostonians to the Y-D team. It has enabled new faces to show up to the field and follow the games. It has boosted the spirits of Cape Cod baseball in Yarmouth and Dennis or as in President Mayo’s words it has, “Heightened the awareness of Cape Baseball in the community." The championship has also made the team more financially stable. Sponsors and donations have become ever more prominent.

     Not only has victory augmented the morale of Y-D fans, but it also has increased the popularity of the team’s summer clinics, offered to youngsters aged 6-12. The camp only inspires our youth about the greatness of America’s pastime and teaches them needed skills, sportsmanship and teamwork. The clinic is run by a team who won a championship based on these qualities. They are undoubtedly the perfect candidates to teach them. Baseball being promoted to children in this manner is only a step forward for our future generations of the game. Coach Pickler has done a fabulous job with these programs or, as Mayo says, “Before Coach Pickler was here, we’d get 125 to 200 kids. Now, with him running the clinics and after winning the championship, we attract about 700-800 young ballplayers.” These clinics inspire the youth to attend more games because they simply increase their love for baseball. As children grow passionate to watch from the sidelines, their parents also get into the game. 

     In addition, after the Y-D Sox won their title, the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce has constructed an exhibit honoring the team from its first days of play to their current victory. It additionally acknowledges the memorable Cape League itself and its wonderful history. After asking chamber member Bob Dubois about the exhibit and its importance, he replied, “It is first dedicated to the Cape Cod Baseball League and the Y-D championship season. It helps build awareness not only for the team, but also for the culture that goes with the Cape League. It shows how the community comes together with the league. The sponsors, host families and the high quality of baseball that is played here are all honored.”

     For so many years, baseball has succeeded in bringing communities together with 
a common love for the represented team. When the team wins, camaraderie is at its climax and the fans’ spirits grow stronger through increased solidarity. Just simply showing up to a game and rooting for the town’s local team enables one to become involved and take pride in his/her community. That is the beauty of the game. Right now, the relationship between community and baseball has never been so strong for the towns of Yarmouth and Dennis. Hopefully, this type of spirit will carry on to this 2005 season. 

     “I am excited for another season and the players just couldn’t wait to get back on the field after coming off such a successful season,” says Treasurer Bob Beauchimer. With a 5-4 victory over Falmouth today they are now 2-2-1. Down one run, Y-D rallied back to tie it in the seventh as center fielder Nick Moresi came home after second basemen Sean Riley grounded into a double play. Later on, Jim Rappaport, the returning right fielder from Stanford, singled home shortstop Brian Kervin in the bottom of the ninth to win the game in a dramatic fashion. Rappaport went two for five with two RBIs and a stolen base.

     Coming back from a 4-3 deficit today at Red Wilson Field, the Sox revealed the same incredible teamwork, poise and passion that made them champions last year. They looked determined to reclaim their title when they battled back to win it. 

Jason Itzkowitz, CCBL intern

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