30 June 2006

Tim Ellstrom: Lifetime Achiever

HYANNIS, Mass. – If you find yourself at a Hyannis Mets game and you need something done—no matter what the task—Tim Ellstrom is the man for the job.
A true “jack of all trades,” Ellstrom has been involved with the Hyannis Mets since 1979. But he hasn’t done just one job for the past three decades; he has done anything and everything for the Mets. 

    Tim epitomizes the selfless service that has become such a vital part of the Cape League. Many people contribute their time on and off the field to make the CCBL the leading collegiate summer league in the nation, but Tim has set himself apart. He has done everything, whether it be taking out the trash and mowing the field, or being the Mets’ team president and the announcer that Hyannis fans have come to recognize at every game.

    His enormous resume has not gone unnoticed. In 2004, Ellstrom received the Sullivan Tire Team Volunteer of the Year Award for the Mets organization, a prestigious award for volunteer service given by Sullivan Tire to each team in the league. This season brought new recognition for Tim, with an award handed down from the Cape Cod Baseball League Hall of Fame Committee.

    At the First Pitch Brunch earlier this month, it was announced that Tim will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award, honoring his extensive and expansive service to the Hyannis Mets over the last 28 years. The award will be officially given to Tim at the Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies in November at Chatham Bars Inn.

    The Lifetime Achievement Award is given annually to an individual that has “gone above the call of duty” in his service to the Cape League, according to Hall of Fame Chairman Phil Edwards. Arnie Allen of the Falmouth Commodores organization was the first recipient four years ago.

    Several names were submitted to the Hall of Fame for selection, and though all were commendable, Tim Ellstrom stood out above the others. He was chosen unanimously to receive the award.

    “He’ll do anything, and that’s a true lifetime achievement. He has done it for a long time and he will do whatever it takes to make the organization work,” said Peter Scarafile, Hyannis vice president and a longtime friend of Tim’s. “That’s the kind of people you want on board. He is invaluable… [The Lifetime Achievement Award] is a wonderful way to recognize people that have made the commitment to volunteerism for a long time, and it is certainly a well-deserved award in Tim’s case.”

    Judy Walden Scarafile, the Cape League’s president and wife of Peter Scarafile, was also delighted to see Tim honored in such a way. “There is no harder worker than Tim Ellstrom … Tim is what this Lifetime Achievement Award is all about. We are very lucky to have [him] in the CCBL.”

    When it comes to Tim, saying that he will do anything and everything is no exaggeration. His involvement with the Mets has touched on every aspect of the organization, from the very bottom all the way to the top. Time off from his job at Olympia Sports is simply time to be spent helping the Hyannis Mets.

    “I’ve been in every office, except for the Treasurer … I don’t want to handle the money,” said Tim. “I love baseball. I just like being around it, and I always have.” 

    His love for baseball is endless, for even when he does get a break from volunteering his time, you are sure to find Tim catching up on another of his favorite teams, the Pawtucket Red Sox. He tries to get to at least 25 games every year.

    Tim was quite surprised when he heard he was going to be honored this November. “I didn’t know I had been nominated … I was very shocked that I was getting it. It’s very nice.” 

    Whether he is moving dirt, raking leaves, fixing a portion of the fence, or commandeering the entire organization during his presidency, Tim has been the most dependable and hard-working man for the Mets during the last 28 years, and he plans to continue doing whatever he can for the organization as long as he is able.

By Adam McGillen, CCBL Intern mcgillen@capecodbaseball.org

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