9 August 2006

Protest Delays Eastern Division Playoff Game

YARMOUTH, MA -- The first playoff game in the Eastern Division between the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox and the Brewster Whitecaps was deadlocked 0-0 in the top of the seventh inning when a unique situation arose. A balk was called on Y-D pitcher Terry Doyle that initiated lively discussion which culminated in Yarmouth-Dennis protesting the game. 

     Commissioner Paul Galop was summoned to the field by the PA announcer as requested by the umpiring crew chief. After a delay, the umpires completed their collaboration with the field managers from both teams and play resumed. 

     So what happened during those discussions that required the Commissioner’s involvement?

      “What many fans are not aware of that during the playoffs, similar to college conference tournaments, if there happens to be a formal protest, such as there was in the Y-D/Brewster game, the protest must be heard and adjudicated immediately rather than discussing it after the game. In this case, Y-D formally protested one of the umpires’ calls, specifically the balk”, stated Galop. He added that “judgment calls, such as this one, are not able to be protested by NCAA rules, only the interpretation of rules. Hence, the protest was denied and the matter was turned back to the umpires for their ruling on the play, which was promptly completed without any other guidance from me. My role was simply protest-related”, stated Galop. 

     The game continued for 13 innings before Brewster pulled away with a 4-2 victory.

      “This was a very rare occurrence that fans may never see again, but 2006 has been the year of bizarre situations and thankfully at the end of the day this situation had no impact on the outcome of the game”, Galop concluded. 

John Garner, Jr.
Director of Public Relations & Broadcasting
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Will Bussiere
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